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Chris Artley's Missa Brevis Akarana receives following high praise from top UK and NZ musicians:

"Chris Artley’s Missa Brevis Akarana is an outstanding composition for choir and orchestra. The work's soaring melodies, rich harmonic language and rhythmic subtleties capture singers, instrumentalists and listeners in a web of sonorous delight. Such qualities guarantee a place for this work in the genre of the concert Mass".

John Rimmer, Composer and Emeritus Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

'What a pleasure to perform Chris' Missa Brevis Akarana at the Teapot Valley Choral Summer School! Such memorable tunes and lush harmonies, with a great sense of musical line and harmonic structure. The choir and I have had great fun preparing the Mass for performance".

Ben Parry, Director of National Youth Choirs of Great Britain.

With Ben Parry at Teapot Summer School, Jan 2020.

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O Magnum Mysterium by Chris Artley - all parts sung by American tenor, Matt Curtis.
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